colleges with late deadlines

Colleges with Late Deadlines

While many college deadlines fall in November or January of your senior year, there are a number of schools throughout the U.S. that accept applications in February—and even all the way through June. Below are a few of our favorite colleges with late deadlines. They tend to offer more financial aid and scholarship money than average. Plus, their graduation rates are above the national average as well. Win-win!

Colleges with Late Deadlines: February

The College of Wooster

Regular Decision Deadline: February 15

Known for excellent teaching and its emphasis on mentored undergraduate research, Wooster has been called the “best-kept secret in higher education” (in the book Colleges That Change Lives). Wooster is one of just a few top-ranked liberal arts colleges with late deadlines. Many college professors send their own children here. Fun fact: Rock legend David Bowie sent his son here, too. 

Wooster’s overall graduation rate is 75%. This is well above the national average. A high graduation rate indicates that most students are happy with their experience. They’re receiving enough financial and/or institutional support to graduate. Not many colleges with late deadlines boast such a high graduation rate. What’s more, Wooster’s graduation rate by race and ethnicity is more equitable than peer schools. The graduation rate for Black students is 73%. This may soon equal the school’s overall average. Wooster’s graduation rate for Native American students is 86%. 

Wooster’s sticker price is $68,600, but the average cost is much less. It ranges from $12,600 (for family incomes of $30k) to $32,000 (for incomes above $110k). The average cost is $27k. 

Wooster’s acceptance rate is 55%. The 25–75th percentile range for the SAT is 1150–1380. For the ACT, it’s 24–31.

Finally—and best of all, as far as colleges with late deadlines—Wooster’s Regular Decision to Early Decision acceptance ratio is 1:1. This means there are still plenty of spaces left in the regular round!

Colleges with Late Deadlines: March

Hanover College

Regular Decision Deadline: March 1

Hanover is another top-ranked liberal arts college with a solid graduation rate (72% overall, and 75% for Latinx students). Also, financial aid is better than average. Unlike some other colleges with late deadlines, Hanover doesn’t rely on front-loading. Colleges that front-load offer more generous financial aid the first year in order to attract students. On the government website College Navigator, the average grant for undergrad students overall is roughly the same as the average grant for beginning students. Nicely done, Hanover. 

Hanover’s acceptance rate is 69%. The 25–75th percentile range for the SAT is 1060–1230. For the ACT, it’s 23–29.

Finally, among colleges with late deadlines, Hanover ticks one more box. It doesn’t require any supplemental essays!

Colleges with Late Deadlines: April

Westminster College (Pennsylvania)

If there’s anything better than colleges with late deadlines, it’s a college with no deadline. (Or at least, a rolling deadline.) Rolling admission opens in December at Westminster, but applications are accepted in March and April. Like the other colleges with late deadlines on this list, Westminster is known for its generous financial aid. The sticker price is $51,500, but the average cost is less than half that. Even better, Westminster financial aid tends to stay consistent year after year. College Navigator lists the average grant at $28k.

Westminster’s acceptance rate is 67%. Their 25–75th percentile range for the SAT is 990–1200. For the ACT, it’s 20–27. 

Last but not least, Westminster is another school on this list that requires no supplemental essays.

Better Late Than Never

Thanks to colleges with late deadlines, it’s never too late to get that application in. We’ll be wishing you a stress-free admission and aid process—and a very happy fall as a college student!