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At just $15 a week, the On Demand Pass is guaranteed to pay for itself many times over. I proudly offer a money-back guarantee on all of my tutoring. Naked Essay clients aren’t outsourced to recent grads or moonlighters—you will be working directly with Anna throughout the entire process. Whether you’re a gifted creative writer looking to take your work to the next level, or a future engineer who would rather chew on scrap metal than pour out your heart to an admissions committee, I tailor my tutoring to your unique strengths and learning style. As a result, all of my students produce engaging, insightful, and effective essays—I guarantee it. If you are anything less than thrilled with the results, I will promptly honor a full refund. There is no fine print, just one clarification: this isn’t a sketchy promise to get you into a particular school. As admissions officers like to say, “a great essay can make the difference between a maybe and a yes,” nothing more, nothing less.
Definitely! Here’s a link.
There is a standard weekly rate of $850. The main personal essay for the Common App/Coalition App takes three weeks. Any supplemental essays typically take about a week. If a faster turnaround is needed, there is a flat fee per essay—the Common App essay fee is $2,700 and the fee per supplemental topic is $900. To keep costs down, Anna helps students identify a small number of strong “super essay” topics from their lives that will stretch to fit a variety of supplemental prompts. On-Demand Members receive 10% off all private counseling services.
We use Google docs and Google sheets whenever we can so that you have as much control as possible over your files. That way, if you cancel your account, all the items you saved to Google Drive are yours to keep.
So that seniors can focus on their grades in the fall, it’s helpful to start the personal essay in June or July and finish supplemental essays in August before school starts. Interest in private essay coaching tends to increase as the summer progresses, so we recommend reaching out in March or April to secure your preferred summer dates.
To write nakedly, we shed our inhibitions. This means letting it all hang out in your first draft. Bad writing, clichés, your fears, yearnings, obsessions. Writing is a process, and with the guidance of your college essay consultant, your final product will be something else entirely—an insightful, well-crafted essay that reveals only your best qualities, a piece of writing you will be proud to show your English teacher, grandparents, and admission committees everywhere.