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Appealing for more financial aid could be the easiest money you ever make! Since financial aid appeal letters can be most effective when written by students, the templates we provide include a detailed request from the student along with supporting financial information or documentation from parents. We also recommend online tools to determine what other students have been offered.
So that seniors can focus on their grades in the fall, it’s helpful to start the personal essay in June or July and finish supplemental essays in August before school starts. Interest in private essay coaching tends to increase as the summer progresses, so we recommend reaching out in March or April to secure your preferred summer dates.
Supplemental essays, especially “Why us?” essays, are often weighed heavily by colleges since they can be a powerful form of demonstrated interest. We recommend that rising seniors finish their main Common App essay in June or July so that they can use August to knock out supplements.
For college counseling sessions, video meetings are recommended. For essay coaching, video can make the editing process more accessible to students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. In most situations, however, the editing process is more efficient when we get everything in writing. Occasionally, issues come up where a phone call or video chat makes sense, but it’s not a regular part of the essay coaching process. For reminders and quick questions, I often use text messages.
I’m happy to copy parents on the emails I send students letting them know I received their completed assignment and that their next assignment is ready. But I like to leave it up to students to decide if they want to share the content of their actual assignment/what they write. There is a deeply personal aspect to great college essays, and most writers find it easier to open up with privacy.
For a hiatus, I ask for at least one week’s notice so that I have time to fill the opening. I do make an exception for illness, but greatly appreciate being notified as soon as possible.