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college essay examplesA great admissions essay can mean the difference between a Maybe and a Yes!

With permission from the student-writers and their parents, recent college essay examples are featured below. Other examples include extracurricular activity essays, transfer essays, “disciplinary violation” essays, professional school/grad school statements, and a wide variety of other supplemental essay topics. Naked Essay students have had their writing published in Johns Hopkins’ Essays That Worked collection and have been awarded numerous merit scholarships (check out this recent National Merit® Scholarship winning essay!).

On the Boardwalk

In a photograph that my aunt managed to snap in Ocean City, NJ, a pod of pelicans swarms down on my family. Read more >>

Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Today

“Yesterday you said you would tomorrow… How about just around the block?” my 8-year-old self negotiated with my father. “After I finish this paperwork,” he would say. I remember lying in bed watching the bright red numbers on the clock, until it was far too late to go outside. Read more >>

The Road Ahead

I soar downhill, the autumn breeze blowing in my face: it smells like crisp fallen leaves and school spirit. Read more >>

Gone Fishing

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but as I grew up, my dad and I stopped having fun. Read more >>

With Open Arms

Hugs are the worst when you are a fat teenager. Read more >> 

My Life As Shrek

My hands became too weak to grasp the delicate bow of the violin. One creaky note after another echoed off the curved walls… Read more >>

Just Dance

If the concept of awkwardness could somehow take a physical living form, I’m almost certain that it would take the form of me. Read more >> 


I scan the room: it feels more like Tokyo’s intimidating 10-lane Shibuya Crossing than a high school cafeteria.
Read more >> 

Growing Up, Growing Old

I tap my feet to the music, chat with a guy named Robert who had some kind of photography business, and try to ignore the smell of urine in the room. I’m anxious to meet my date. Read more >>

Shopping for Thongs with Lao Lao

“Your grandma went to get you some thongs, sweetie.” I don’t know what to say to that, so I just stand there watching my face turn scarlet in the changing room mirror. Read more >>

Country Michael Cera

I’ll call him Michael, because he reminds me of Michael Cera…a country Michael Cera. From an isolated town on the Arkansas border, my classmate Michael doesn’t have many friends. Read more >>

Punching & Preaching

I was looking forward to getting away from my younger brother. Little did I know he’d be waiting for me in Trinidad. Read more >>

It’s a Medium-Sized World After All

A boy in an Angry Birds t-shirt and underpants stands at my elbow as I work, clapping his hands in my face and giggling hysterically. I have an urge to pull him into the mud-filled pit. Read more >>

The End Zone

The sweat dripped down my nose and chin, and I searched for the saliva in my mouthpiece to quench my thirst. Then everything went black. Read more >>

Mutt vs. Witch Doctor

The fight begins, and sparks fly like fireflies released from hell. Read more >>

Life Is a Highway

I scout out where to sit like an NFL recruiter scanning the field for that All-American running back. It’s my 7th time as “the new kid” at school. Read more >>

For our favorite published collection of college essay examples, check out the classic resource On Writing the College Application Essay by Harry Bauld. The anthology (chapter 12) is fantastic – we send all our students a copy in case we need to refer to one of its college essay examples during the tutoring process. If you’re not a Naked Essay student, be sure to order the paperback for the full collection of essays. (The Kindle version is incomplete.)

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