Money, Working, or Social Class as a College Essay Topic

If you wrote about money, working, or social class as your college essay topic, you can send it to the New York Times for possible publication in the paper.  This is an annual contest, so if you’re still thinking of a possible topic for your applications next year, keep this broad category in mind.

Does money make a good college essay topic?

Discussing money can make for a good college essay topic, though it presents challenges. It’s something that most people aren’t comfortable talking about with honesty.  If you’re coming from a place of privilege, it can be difficult to state your perspective without coming across as entitled or pretentious.  It can be equally difficult to write from a disadvantaged perspective, as opening up can bring you to a very vulnerable place.  But a well written essay on this topic can be surprising and fresh.  As colleges become more and more expensive and economically stratified, admission committees will be increasingly interested to hear from students who have a true knowledge and perspective on these issues.

For information on the New York Times essay contest, go here.