Rates & Sign-Up Info

Our weekly rate is $875 (includes daily coaching and revisions). Most personal essays involve three weeks of tutoring. Our process is the result of 14 years of experience and is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Questions? Call us at 878-444-0455.

Our value:

Our process would be much faster and cheaper if we offered a round or two of edits, spruced up the words, and called it a day. The result would be a perfectly well-written and error-free essay. Shouldn’t that be enough?

The reality is that superficial editing can do more harm than good. Overly polished writing is a red flag to hawk-eyed admissions readers. Getting a powerful story from a student in his or her authentic voice is the secret to our success, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Read more about our in-depth process. If the effort we put into our students’ essays seems excessive, consider the New York Times article “The Almighty Essay”:

The more exclusive the college, the more weight the essay is given. … In fact, these colleges give more weight to the essay than grade-point average. Let me restate that: one writing assignment is more critical to a high school senior’s chances of getting into many top colleges than his or her average grades from four years of high school.

We do not take this responsibility lightly!

Our guarantee to you:

All of our students produce engaging, insightful, and effective essays—we guarantee it. Whether you’re a gifted creative writer looking to take your work to the next level, or a future engineer who would rather chew on scrap metal than pour out your heart to an admissions committee, we tailor our tutoring to your unique strengths. As a result, we are able to offer a money-back guarantee. We see it as one more way to make your application process less stressful.

Additionally, all of our college applicants enjoy 24/7 access to our state-of-the-art essay management tool:

  • Database of 1,000+ merit- and demographic-based scholarship essays by school (none of which are included on the Common App)
  • All of your program-specific and optional essays in one place (including the Common App’s notorious stealth essays that frequently result in incomplete applications)
  • A personalized Essay Writing Plan that shows how your specific supplemental essays overlap, optimizing your workload and ensuring the process is successful and efficient.