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Many applicants are in search of face-to-face tutoring, particularly if they have had success with local tutors in the past. Parents are often surprised to learn that unlike calculus and chemistry, application essays do not benefit from the traditional tutoring model.

There is a deeply personal aspect to great admission essays. By working remotely, students feel less inhibited and they write more freely. The Naked Essay tutoring process is the result of 20 years of experience and is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Why do we believe so strongly in our method?

You get a better essay, hands down.

Essays that get students into their dream schools are not skin-deep. The best topics are often emotional, difficult, or involve a personal vulnerability. Imagine being a teenager and having to explore potentially deep subjects with an adult—it’s not easy, especially if that adult is a tutor sitting across from you at Starbucks. Whether students are right down the street from our offices or across the world, we work together exclusively via email, chat, and shared-screen technology (which allows tutor and student to edit collaboratively in a live doc). Thanks to this layer of anonymity and privacy, our students feel more comfortable opening up and are able to produce more thoughtful essays.

You get 100%.

Naked Essay is not your neighborhood tutor. Anna is not a moonlighter, part-timer, or recent grad. Your essays are my passion and my livelihood. And unlike college counselors and English teachers (though I love them), your essays get 100% of my attention.

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