College Admissions Essays: What did Ben write about?

Emily: Hi, Ben! I know you graduated more than a few years ago, but can you remember what you wrote your college essay about?
Ben: I wrote about developing my perspective on leadership through outdoor expeditions.
Emily: Cool! Can you remember any details?
Ben: The first sentence was, “Life is an uphill climb. There are peaks, false peaks, and even some downhills. We may never reach the summit, but…sorry, can’t remember the rest.” I also remember saying something about turning bossiness into leadership.
Emily: Hmmm…we don’t really recommend starting an essay out like that. That sentence, if it works at all, would be better served towards the end of the essay. But this was back when it was a lot easier to get into college. Not easy, but still easier.

Ben only got into one school—granted, it was an Ivy and the only school he applied to, but still!

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