College Admissions Essays: What did Abigail Write About?

Abigail, Tulane class of ’04

Emily: Hi, Abigail! Do you have a moment in your busy schedule as a Surgery Resident to stop for a moment and reminisce about your college essays?
Abigail: Wait one second while I sew up this patient. Just kidding, it’s my one day off this month. I can talk for a moment and then I have to catch up on a month’s worth of sleep.
Emily: Do you remember what you wrote your college essay about?
Abigail: Of course! It was all about how I wanted to become a doctor. I wrote about how my grandmother had breast cancer and how she lived with it for over 20 years, trying out new innovations and surgeries. That’s what inspired me to want to become a doctor, and more specifically, a breast surgeon. But why are you asking me? Don’t you remember editing it?
Emily: Did I?
Abigail: Yes! You’ve edited everything I’ve ever written, from my college admissions essay, to my medical school and internship essays.
Emily: Wow! I guess I’ve been doing this for over 20 years then. Who knew? Well, I guess I would know if I were better at math, but then I wouldn’t have spent so much time reading books and editing everyone’s essays if I were any good at anything else.
Abigail: [making snoring noises]
Emily: Thanks, Abigail!