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I got a full-tuition scholarship in addition to National Merit! – J. W.

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This was a tremendous help throughout the whole process. – The M. Family

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He’s been getting accepted everywhere: Lehigh, Miami, UMD, College of Charleston, and Tennessee. – Amy

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They are very familiar with the application process and their expertise shows in the areas they focus on. – J.

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[Before,] I felt really insecure about whether I was on the right track or not. Thanks a lot!! – M. C.

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Just found out I was accepted ED to WashU! As much as I think it was a mistake, I am far too happy to make sure! – J.

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You made what can be a very stressful process fun and enlightening for her and we are very grateful. – L. D.

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I got accepted into UChicago! Undoubtedly that’s my dream school! I cried so much. Thank you so much! –B.

Asset 109

You rock! You helped our daughter knock it out of the park. Thank you with all our hearts, The C. Family

Asset 15

I’ll be attending Ross at UM this fall. I couldn’t have done it without you. – Z.

Asset 64

I’m delighted to confirm that [our son] will be attending Dartmouth! Thanks for your impact! – L. L.

Asset 75

I got my admissions decision today, and I’ve been admitted to Harvard! Thank you for all of your help! – J. W.

Asset 85

The whole process was completely stress-free and I’m very happy with the end result. – E. G.

Asset 72

[Our son] was accepted by Stanford and USC. He was also accepted by Georgia Tech. – J. P.

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Admitted into Duke! It would not have been possible without you! I am very grateful! – M. K.

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[He] is enjoying and flourishing at NYU. I continue to recommend your service. – E. D.

Asset 99

Your help really paid off. I got into Columbia! Thank you, thank you, thank you! – G. S.

Asset 56

Your advice and guidance really helped me. Thank you! – C. R.

Asset 121

Thank you for all the wonderful things you made me accomplish. I am eternally grateful for your help. – G.

Asset 55

I was accepted into their Honors Program and received their trustee scholarship!!! – S. R.

Asset 120

[Besides] the BA/MD Program, she was accepted by Rice, UT-Austin, Hopkins, and BU. – R.M.

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I think this really helped [my daughter] present herself in the best light. – L. N.

Asset 58 (1)

I got into UT’s McCombs School of Business! Thanks! – A. L.

Asset 96

[My son] was awarded the Scarlet & Dean Scholarships and got into NYU, Carnegie Mellon, BC, Emory… – J. Z.

Asset 97

I feel much more confident in my application! – M.

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It was a great experience for him! I will definitely be referring this to family and friends! – M.A.H.

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I could not get my daughter to be motivated. This was a great asset. Thank you! – K. P.

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He got into virtually every school on his list, with merit aid, so it’s clear this stuff really makes a difference. – V. M.

Asset 22

I just wanted to let you know that I was accepted to Johns Hopkins! Thank you for all of your help!! – M.

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Since starting, he seems so relaxed and happy, and he is spending more time downstairs with us. – Valerie

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Meet Anna

Anna Sharp

College Advisor & Essay Coach


Anna brings over 20 years of experience in education to her work as a college advisor. She is dedicated to providing families with the naked truth about admissions, while helping her students reveal the personal qualities that make them one of a kind. Her approach is informed by recent graduate level training at Columbia University (Advanced Certification in College Advising). This unique program has equipped her with insights into the post-pandemic admissions landscape, where new policies drive unprecedentedly low acceptance rates. Anna also works alongside an adolescent therapist as the founder of the first college access mobile app, HeyCollege. Before becoming a college advisor, Anna combined her love of teaching and the written word as an associate producer for, where she helped create the first online classroom for Oprah’s Book Club. As a writer and editor, she’s contributed to publications such as O, The Oprah Magazine, Shape, and Men’s Health.

Anna received her bachelor’s degree from Duke University, which she attended as a Trinity Scholar with full merit-based financial support. A dedicated Blue Devil, she has served as an interviewer for the Duke Alumni Interview Board and as a volunteer with the Duke Alumni Development Council. She’s also a volunteer counselor with the Matchlighters Scholars Program and a member of the National College Attainment Network. Anna lives in Chicago with her college sweetheart and two teenage children.

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